About Us

Introduction and Mission

Auto-Moteur Rivière-du-Loup inc. is the largest auto parts distributor in eastern Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1982 by Claude Beaulieu, his sons Jerome and Alex Beaulieu are now at the head of the company splitted into three departments: The machine and engine rebuilding shop, the NAPA Auto Parts store and the Octane Performance Center.

The Beaulieu family and his team offer to their customers a fast and efficient service, and professional advices. Everything to make the best shopping and customer experience / supplier as possible!



The story begins in 1982, when Claude Beaulieu working at a local Truck repair shop as a parts clerk decides to go into business. With 19% interest rates, Claude bought equipment from a bankrupt company specialized in engine machining settles home in the former auto dealership in downtown Rivière-du-Loup.

Claude and his brother Charles, only employee at that time succeed with minimal equipment to build a loyal customer base within the automotive repair shop in the area. For more space superficy, the company moved to bigger spaces in 1984. During that same year, two mechanics join the team, the business is growing.

In 1987, due to a lack of space Claude decided to acquire an old gas station building. The place was completely renovated and expanded to a 5000 square feet facility. In 1989 and 1996 two other expansions are necessary to make space for new machines. Auto-Moteur was then the largest gasoline engine rebuilder in eastern Quebec with five employees. In 1997, a second branch is opened in Rimouski. Charles Beaulieu manages its operations until the sale of the business in 2013.

March 2001 marks the largest expansion of the company. Claude acquired the assets of the UAP / NAPA Auto Parts Store in Rivière-du-loup. It’s at 81 Lafontaine, a 22,000 square feet building that the new entity settles home. With the machine shop in the basement and the UAP / NAPA store, Auto-Moteur become the largest auto parts retailer in the region and the only one to offer the engine rebuilding service and replacement auto parts under one roof. In spring 2003, the store has turned to the popular blue and yellow colors as UAP Canada merged with GPC and NAPA.

Claude’s older son, Jerome, joined the company as a deliveryman in 2004. He held several jobs over the following years to learn the ropes of the business. Since 2012, Jerome is now at the head of the Parts Stores. The youngest son, Alex, has meanwhile made it’s machining classes to integrate the company in 2006. Having inherited manual skills from his father, Alex is running the machine shop. Auto-Moteur offers to its customers a full range of services from complete engine remanufacturing to cylinder heads rebuilding for gasoline and diesel engines. Jerome and Alex are now co-owners of the family business.

In spring 2013, a complete makeover of the 11 000 square feet warehouse is done to make place for a new division. Claude’s passion for competition and racing transmitted to his sons got the Beaulieu family to launch in March 2014 the new Octane Performance Center. Octane Performance is a retail store for automotive enthusiast specializes in performance and accessories parts for all types of cars and trucks.


In 2019, Octane Performance Center becomes the one and only Canadian distributor of Pro1 Racing & Safety Products. A new transactional website is launched and offers a variety of products for the Canadian Racing Enthusiast Market.